Press Release Summary

North Haven Capital (NHC), a private investment firm, has recently enhanced its portfolio by acquiring The Chamberlain Group, a premier New England company specializing in the design and manufacture of anatomical medical models. This acquisition, facilitated by BankProv and BDC Capital, with assistance from Upstream Capital, marks a significant step for NHC in enhancing its presence in the medical training sector.

The Chamberlain Group, renowned for its high-quality, mimetic anatomy models, collaborates with medical device companies and teaching hospitals worldwide. NHC plans to leverage this acquisition to boost The Chamberlain Group’s geographic and product line expansion, aiming to enhance their offerings in the global market.

Founders Lisa and Eric Chamberlain express enthusiasm for this new chapter, emphasizing the shared vision with NHC to foster a nurturing work environment and expand market share both domestically and internationally. NHC’s acquisition strategy focuses on investing in dynamic, middle-market businesses, aiming to add value through capital resources and proprietary networks to drive growth and profitability.

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