Investment Criteria

Focused on Building Strong, Aligned Partnerships

At North Haven Capital, we target investments that not only promise returns but also demonstrate potential for sustained growth and operational excellence. Our criteria are designed to identify companies that are well-positioned for success with committed leadership teams.

Our approach ensures that we invest in businesses where we can achieve mutual success, fostering growth and long-term value creation together.

  • Financial Performance: Minimum of $1.0MM+ in EBITDA/Free Cash Flow or a significant asset base.

  • Committed Leadership: A strong preference for backing a leadership or management team with “skin in the game” and aligned interests.


Focused on Strategic Control and Alignment

North Haven Capital prioritizes control acquisitions, typically steering clear of mass auctions and full equity sales. Our approach emphasizes acquiring significant stakes while fostering strong partnerships with existing management teams.

This strategy ensures that we not only invest but also actively contribute to the strategic direction and growth of our portfolio companies, creating value for all stakeholders.

  • Control Acquisitions: We focus on opportunities where we can take a controlling interest, avoiding crowded auction processes and 100% equity sales. Add-on acquisitions for existing portfolio companies.

  • Partnership with Management: A strong preference for situations where key management members roll over their equity, ensuring alignment and commitment to the company’s future success.

Operational Experience

Leveraging Expertise for Enhanced Performance

North Haven Capital is committed to investments where we can contribute significant operational experience. Our strategy involves utilizing our proprietary network of former operators and value-added board members to actively enhance the management and strategic direction of our portfolio companies.

  • Proprietary Network: Leveraging a network that includes seasoned operators and knowledgeable board members, we ensure that each investment is supported by deep industry experience and strategic insights.

  • Selective Investment: We pursue opportunities where our operational expertise can directly contribute to the investment’s success.

  • Value-Add Collaboration: Our team works closely with company management to drive performance improvements, operational efficiencies, and strategic growth.

Situations of Interest

Tailored Approaches for Diverse Business Needs

At North Haven Capital, we engage in investment opportunities that align with specific situations where our expertise and resources can significantly impact success. Our focus on flexibility and strategic alignment allows us to cater to a variety of needs, from liquidity solutions to facilitating ownership transitions.

  • Liquidity: Closely held companies seeking liquidity for Founders/Owners

  • Transitions: Assist in creating transition plan for next generation operators.

  • Spin-Outs: Non-core divestitures / Spin-outs

  • Operator Ownership Pathway: Transition from operator to owner with North Haven Capital’s support.

  • Strategic Growth Plans: Funding and advising on strategic growth plans developed jointly by management, NHC, and their advisors.

Industries of Interest

Focusing on High-Impact Sectors

North Haven Capital targets investment opportunities in key industries where our expertise can drive significant value. By focusing on sectors with robust growth potential and strategic importance, we ensure that our investments support sustainable business enhancements and market expansion.

  • Business Services: We invest in service-based companies that demonstrate strong potential for efficiency improvements and market leadership.

  • Manufacturing: Our focus includes manufacturers with distinctive capabilities or products, where operational improvements and market expansion can significantly enhance value.

  • Healthcare: We target healthcare entities that benefit from our capital and expertise to improve service delivery, compliance, and technological integration.

  • Distribution: Companies in the distribution sector that stand to gain from logistical improvements and network expansion are of particular interest.

  • Logistics: We invest in logistics companies that are poised for growth through technological enhancements and strategic repositioning.