North Haven Ventures

North Haven Ventures is a network driven venture firm focused on growth-stage healthcare software and services companies
We invest on behalf of entrepreneurs and operating executives with relevant industry experience. We differentiate ourselves from institutional investment funds through:
Streamlined Diligence
Our approach is thorough, but not unwieldy. We do not need to reinvent the wheel.
Strategic Direction Setting
Our goal is to influence direction of the firm intellectually, not principally. We provide help where needed and get out of the way when not needed.
Investment Size
We typically invest between $500K-$5M. Because we are not a fund there is no institutional pressure so we can deploy the appropriate amount of capital to meet a company’s needs.
Time Horizon
We take a long-term view, investing in companies that we believe will yield positive outcomes.
With years of experience as investors, entrepreneurs, and operators, our principals and operating investors have consistently invested in and helped build some of healthcare's most innovative and successful firms.